What Sets Forest
Capital Apart.

Human-first Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed ways of conducting business, replacing a ‘business first’ mentality with a ‘people first’ approach. As such, our investment style focuses on industries in Sub-Saharan Africa whose ethos is grounded in humanity and innovation.

Making the world a better place

As a partner with Forest Capital; whether as a Limited Partner investor, client, or customer, you are integral in creating a healthier and wealthier world through our work in the agricultural value chain, enhancing technology projects, and enabling inclusive innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Innovation for Impact

As the world becomes increasingly complex and uncertain, it has become imperative for business leaders to act with conviction. Innovative ideas don’t often find the support they need to flourish. At Forest Capital, we focus on creating an environment that inspires and welcomes these ideas. Our services provide a foundation for leaders and innovators to take bold, novel steps with support from our team of experts.

Domain Expertise

Our team has 75 years of combined work experience in finance and research within the Agriculture, FMCG, Finance, Renewable energy, and Technology industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Our in-house experts are hands-on collaborating with our extensive network to share industry insights and support for our clients to help maximize value.

Diversified Portfolio for long-term reward

We invest in a diverse portfolio of industries. Putting our eggs in several baskets allows us to reduce overall investment risk while maintaining long-term healthy returns.