Unique ideas
deserve bold partners.

The world is changing rapidly, but at Forest Capital, we are built to keep up with the pace. We are uniquely positioned to support ideas, early stage, and high-growth companies to achieve economic outcomes that enrich the African continent.

Bold financial steps are vital for transformative growth.

Forest Capital Limited is a Private Equity Fund Management and Investment Advisory Company based in Lagos. We work across the continent, and with interests in Europe and Latin America. We provide private equity, private credit and quasi-equity instruments for financing ideas, projects, infra-development, and expansions.

According to the World Bank, Sub-Saharan Africa alone has more than 1 billion people, half of whom will be under 25 years old by 2050.

The Sub-Sahara is a diverse part of the continent with potential to yield inclusive growth and eradicate poverty; enabling a healthier and more prosperous Africa. The African continent is creating an entirely new development path, harnessing the potential of its resources and people.

We believe novel ideas are necessary to propel Africa. Africa is not the next Powerhouse; Africa is the Power House.
At Forest Capital, we are revealing the true wealth of Africa.

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Our business
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Our Focus Industries


Oil Palm (Ewohimi Plantation)
Integrated Poultry Facility
Integrated Rice Processing

FMCG / Retail Distro



Forest Bank


KayVee Microfinance Bank

Renewable Energy

Our Core Services

Principal Investing
Financial Advisory
Fund and Asset Management
We invest at all stages of the business life-cycle, including optimization and turnaround management.

With a mindset that believes growth can occur in all markets irrespective of maturity, we seek for these growth opportunities across our priority sectors.

Businesses have been harnessing advanced analytics and the Internet of Things to transform their operations, and those in the forefront reap the benefits.

Forest Capital is a pace setter. We ignite the fire of innovation. We back entrepreneurs and teams across all stages of the business life cycle from pre-seed to growth capital. We identify gaps and opportunities in growth markets, and identify the early stage company or idea that would exploit these gaps and opportunities.

Our value creation strategy is built around backing resilient entrepreneurs with a strong desire to win and working in close collaboration with them through the cycles to build successful and exceptional businesses.

The Forest team offers diversified skill, strong networks, market access and insights, with over 75 years of combined experience in deals, corporate finance and advisory in Africa.

Our Advisory Edge and Approach:

Bespoke and Client Focused
Our approach is active, value accretive and people-centric. We deploy an ecosystem approach leveraging multiple relationship channels across each stage of our transaction cycle.

Vast and Experienced Team
The team of experienced, multidisciplinary professionals assure of a robust handling of complex transactions and quality delivery.

Active Partnership
We take ownership and engage with a strong sense of belonging. We are an active partner; we first understand the client's needs and seek the solution with empathy, committing all resources to ensure the client achieves the optimal business outcome.

Our Advisory Scope:
A complete range of bespoke corporate finance & capital markets advisory services: Capital Raising, Mergers & Acquisition, Business Strategy Reviews, Ownership Liquidity, Due Diligence, Financial Modeling and Valuation.
Forest Capital is a registered global business under the Financial Services Act of Mauritius.

Our team of professionals hold FCA "Approved Person" status, and are members of the CISI - the largest and most widely respected professional body for the securities and investment profession in the UK.

We are positioned to provide financial advisory services that support international businesses, while in full compliance with relevant local regulations.

Investment Philosophy

At Forest Capital, we identify and selectively pursue investments that meet our socio-economic and policy criteria. We ensure that our investments have a strong social and economic impact.
Our investment philosophy largely aligns with the fulfillment of the IFC standards and the United Nations SDGs; particularly the SDG1 and 2 - No Poverty and Zero Hunger.
We have a passion for creating wealth, adding value and giving meaning to lives.
Innovations that seek to improve processes, and efficiency across our priority sectors excite us. Our investment approach is consumer, impact and innovation led.
We are responsible Investors, investing passionately to Impact and create value for all - wealth for our investors, and value to society.

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